Friday, May 10, 2013

update on chicken littles :: farm photography

our chicken littles are growing up to be awkward teenagers!  their feet are huge and their little bodies haven't quite caught up yet.  they are enjoying the coop/shed (and so am i because they were starting to stink up our basement).  we have put some old fencing in there for them to perch on... which they all love to do.  it's like a contest between friends... who can get up the highest...

we are still unsure of who is a hen and who is a rooster.  i think we'll know in a few weeks.  we have let them outside a few times when the weather is nice enough and so far they all come back to the coop without too much prodding.  daisy dog has gotten used to them and has stopped trying to bite them (although she likes to follow them around and sniff them constantly).  they tolerate her.

i kind of love them.  when they were downstairs in our basement, i was getting irritated with their constant loud pecking and chirping, the smell, etc...  but now that they have their own little space, i enjoy them much more.  it's fun to go feed them each morning and learn about each individual's personality.

and... i have to admit... their pretty cute.  xoxo

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