Thursday, June 13, 2013

"bump" is three :: birthday photography

little "bump" is 3... can you believe it?  as i love to do, he woke up the morning of his birthday to a little 'party' that just so happened to also serve as a backdrop for photos!  there i go being sneaky again.

i stacked up all of his presents facing the rocking chair, so he naturally sat in it to open them.  this put him in perfect position for photos!  the cute #3 came from his grandma - she wrapped his gift and stuck it on top like a bow.  what a wonderful prop it turned out to be!

besides fringing the paper streamers (which took longer than i thought) this may have been the easiest photo set-up yet!  now if only i can get him to actually give me a real smile while looking at the camera.

happy birthday to "bump"!

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