Thursday, June 6, 2013

mossy school desk :: garden inspiration

since opening the shop, kind and generous souls offer to me the rich history tucked away in their attics.  some items are in beautiful condition and others... well, not so much.  but, because i have hope and optimism, i usually take anything they offer with thankfulness and decide i may use it for something someday.

my dentist gave me this desk.  it had been sitting outside, in his garden, for years and was falling to pieces.  the wood was rotting and he thought maybe i could use the iron legs for a project.  after staring at the desk for a couple months, i decided to leave it as is, but cover with moss.  what do you think?!

i imagine this under a big willow tree in a vine-covered yard, next to an old stone fountain.  it's magical and dreamy...  like a secret garden.  or the garden in 'great expectations'.  it belongs somewhere incredible.

if you are in town, you should stop by urban sassafras to check it out!  you will love it, i promise.

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