Thursday, July 11, 2013

train art :: central illinois photography

i can't get away from the train.  it's directly next to the shop (which makes for a very noisy neighbor) and then heads south along the field behind my house.  i can hear it at night when i lie in bed.  in the mornings, i jog along a path that runs parallel to the tracks.

you'd think i would be used to the loud whistle, but i'm not.  i hate it.  i cringe each time.  it doesn't even sound like a whistle... it sounds like this obnoxiously loud, pissed off person honking their horn in traffic.

but (but!), i do seek the trains out.  i love graffiti and they seem to always be an artful canvas.  each car is filled with scribble and hidden meanings, vulgar words, and random declarations of love.  it's a stark contrast against the soft fields that fill the midwest and the bright sky.

do you ever seek beauty in something you hate?  it's hard to do.  once you have found it though...  i promise that life is a bit happier.  shall it be your challenge for the day?


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