Tuesday, August 20, 2013

'birthday' the bunny! :: personal story

friends! i have the most exciting news - "ol' sparkly" got me a bunny for my birthday!  isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?

her official name is 'birthday beth ostermeier the bunny', which i personally believe is a much more creative choice than 'prince george'.  she is getting used to her new home and we are getting used to her.  the boys loooove her.  i have to watch them closely so they don't squeeze her too tight. seriously.  we got her a little leash/vest that works great for walking with "the monster" down to the bus everyday.

daisy dog leaves her alone (for the most part) when birthday is in her cage.  unfortunately, though, these two aren't ready to be outside at the same time yet.  one of them tries to eat the other, but i'm not naming any names.  i'm convinced they can work out their differences one of these days though.

anyway, eek! i can't take how adorable she is.  i literally want to kiss my computer screen as i type this.  have you ever had a bunny as a pet?  if so, comment below!  xoxo

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