Wednesday, August 14, 2013

blinds to roman shades :: diy

for the past year, we've had simple white blinds in our bedroom.   how very college dorm of us.  what made it worse, was that the blinds were damaged in one window due to an excited dog and wrestling children.  so, after going on a cleaning rampage, it became easy to notice just how awful these blinds looked (especially when not distracted by an overflowing laundry basket).

these fresh roman shades took me a mere couple hours to complete from start to finish.  i looooove them.  i also love the price - around $20 (total) for the fabric.  i'm ashamed to admit that i have spent nearly $100 for one roman shade in the past.  man, i was dumb.

but!  now, i'm giddy.  i've found myself wandering into our bedroom just to admire them.  i show them off to everyone that comes over.  whoot!

have questions on the diy details?  comment below!

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