Friday, August 9, 2013

chicken littles are big :: personal story

our chicken littles are big!  they are around 16 - 18 weeks old now and a couple have started laying eggs for us regularly.  they roam around the yard everyday eating bugs and looking at themselves in the front bumper of our truck (they looooove to look at themselves).  each night they tuck themselves into their coop and all we have to do is shut the door. we bought nesting boxes off craig's list for them and they snuggle in for the night.  each morning, the boys run to the coop to let them out and collect the eggs.  it's worked out really well!

we ended up with 13 hens and 5 roosters.  the roosters do a very good job of protecting the hens - especially from daisy dog.  at first, she was a little aggressive with them, but after being pecked a few times, everyone is living happily together.

i am allergic to eggs, so i unfortunately, haven't had the pleasure of trying them... but hubby seems to like them.  they are perfectly white and slightly small.  the white hens are the ones laying, so it will be interesting to see what the other breeds produce.  i've heard some chickens can even lay purple eggs!

have a good weekend friends - if you are in town and would like a dozen eggs, give us a holler!  xoxo

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