Tuesday, August 27, 2013

table runner :: diy

we're gearing up for the fall season here at the shop.  fall, to me, is a time of get-togethers.  sometimes, more than the actual holidays, because everyone is so busy then.  during the fall season, things are still slow and relaxed... there aren't any gift exchanges and big dinners to prepare for.  the most prep we seem to do is buy hot dogs and marshmallows.  we use hay bails to sit on and the bonfire is our entertainment.

with that in mind, i wanted to share a simple diy for those who may be entertaining soon.  this table runner would look lovely displayed on a table full of crockpots (again, little prep).  with this kind of style, you can fool everyone into thinking that you are the kinda gal/guy that somehow manages to relax and have an amazing party full of small details.  sneaky, sneaky...

so here's the details friends:
  1. burlap is one of the least expensive fabrics at the store!  go shopping.
  2. simply cut to desired length and width for your runner.  no need to sew edges, the more frayed, the more rustic, the more fitting to the season! 
  3. find a plastic (or paper) cup and dip into paint (color of your choice).  for empty circles, use the top of cup, for full circles, use bottom of cup.
  4. place onto fabric in desired pattern
  5. repeat, repeat, repeat!
  6. let dry and lie out on table.  you are fabulous.
this painting technique can be used on anything... shirts, canvas, walls, etc.  fun, right?!

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