Wednesday, August 7, 2013

this old truck :: personal story

hi friends! i'm sorry i haven't posted in a week (gasp!), i'm not sure how that happened.  summer vacation is coming to an end soon so we've been trying to make every moment matter with the boys.  one fun little project we've been playing with is above.  i've always wanted to drive a vintage truck and really style it out with doilies and charm.  hubby pulled this guy out of our old barn a few days ago... it used to belong to his late uncle delmar.  he seems hesitant to put money into in due to fears that i'll constantly be dealing with breakdowns.  i am kind of looking at it as a lesson in automotives!  i've never learned much about fixing cars, and, well, you're never too old to learn a new trick or two, right?!

i'll keep you updated on our progress.  (cross your fingers for me) xoxo

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