Wednesday, September 11, 2013

dancing with the starz :: personal story

i'm going to take a small break from broadcasting blogging today to share some self promotion.

have i told you i'm doing 'dancing with the starz'?!  it's the central illinois version of... well... i'm sure you get it. i am so excited! my partner gene, is a local professional and probably the nicest guy i've ever met. he kisses my hand when he sees me and signs his emails "hugs, gene". adorable right?

anyway, we have been practicing fools, however, that really doesn't matter. you see, the winner is chosen simply by how much money they raise. all proceeds go to the prairie art alliance, which helps local artists start selling their work, holds classes for youth and puts on numerous community events. overall, they are a great non-profit organization that contributes all sorts of culture to our state.

so here's how you can help raise money for the PAA and simultaneously, help me win!

  • stop by urban sassafras and donate in person! there are free earrings in it for you if you go this route
  • donate online, under my name
  • come to the event! there's going to be food, drink and even a dancing lesson! plus, you can see me shake my groove thing.

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