Thursday, October 17, 2013

a beautiful mess :: personal story

here are some messes i find beautiful...

  1. the mess on christmas morning, after presents are torn open by children
  2. the mess inside a paint jar when i am done working on a canvas
  3. the mess on my boys after they have been playing in the mud
  4. the mess of a strong and stressful marriage
  5. the mess in my kitchen after a birthday cake has been decorated
  6. the mess on the living room floor during an epic blanket fort
  7. the mess in the liter box. "in" being the key word here
  8. the mess of my hair... that one day out of the year when i wake up and the "bed head" look actually happened in a lovely way
  9. the mess of a mother/daughter relationship
  10. the mess of my life. i love it.
otherwise, i pretty much like things nice & tidy. xoxo

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