Tuesday, October 22, 2013

s'mores on a stick :: baking with kids

like i've mentioned before, we have "dessert night" once a week at our house. more often than not it's spent baking chocolate chip cookies or some variation of that. not sure what happened to me once i turned 30 but i can't get enough! anyway, not only do i hold this tradition so that our cookie jar is always full, but also so that my boys will have memories of baking with me in the kitchen. a draw back to being over 30 is that i have pretty much lost all motivation to cook a nightly meal. i'm too busy and too tired and too bored. there is absolutely no creativity in cooking any more because none of my boys like anything that is the least bit different.

but desserts... that's something i can experiment with and the boys always devour. so, we spend these moments destroying the kitchen and then, in the end, we sit around our table and enjoy our creations together as a family. it's one of my favorite nights of the week!

this time, in honor of the autumn season, we made s'mores on a stick. did you know you can buy graham cracker crumbs?! seriously. this dessert took very little effort. i basically set up the 3 stations (poke pretzel into marshmallow, dip into chocolate, and dip into crumbs) and the boys took over.

if you try this, be sure to store any leftovers in sandwich bags or tupperware... the marshmallows will get stale and hard... and that's no fun.


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