Saturday, December 28, 2013

faux fur rug or wall decor :: diy

i'm loving the modern and rustic glam look of a faux fur rug. it was really, pretty simple to make as well. here are the details...

  1. i found the faux fur at joanne's. one yard is enough for an area rug
  2. fold your fabric long-ways. 
  3. cut out your design through both sides so that the rug is symmetrical. warning: your fabric will shed.
  4. put in dryer for 20 minutes on high heat. when you take it out, your fabric will no longer shed
  5. if you are using this as wall decor, then you are finished! just hang and enjoy
  6. if you would like to make a rug, glue on rubber rug stoppers so that you won't slip around when stepping on it
voila! see, i told you it was easy. xoxo

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