Thursday, January 30, 2014

confessions of a junky :: art studio photography

junkidy junk junk. i really love junk. some would say [my husband] that i have a problem. i can't help it... i literally feel a rush of anxiety run through me when i stumble upon a box of old tools, a grandpa's garage, or something of the like. i justify my obsesh with the art of creating fobots for the shop.

but then... i took it to another level last weekend when i found myself creating backdrops to photograph my junk. i set up scenes. i was doing this in the middle of the night. i was giddy.

and you know what? i'm not ashamed. i love my junkidy junk junk. and the photos... i think they're weird. and that's what i like about them.

i'm weird. you're weird. isn't that the best thing ever?


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