Tuesday, January 21, 2014

fruit water :: diy

lately, i've been trying to drink more water. you know, for all the skin benefits, weight management assistance, etc, etc. the list goes on and on about how fantastic water is for us...

but, most of the time, i don't really want water to drink. i'd much rather prefer coffee or wine. i've always viewed water as something i drink only when i'm thirsty from working out, a hot summer day or sickness. not something i drink as a luxury to enjoy.

so, as a proactive effort to chug a bit more water through-out the day, instead of grabbing for that afternoon coffee, i've been adding a little fruit to my water. herbs too! i prepare these every couple of days and that way, i'm more apt to grab a pre-made refreshing water, instead of making a cup of joe. there are countless combinations you can try with fruits, vegetables and fresh herbs. here are the three pictured above:

  1. strawberry & mint
  2. cucumber & basil
  3. lemon & blueberry
o, and p.s. because i use fresh fruits & veggies, these are filled with natural vitamins as well. bam! i bet even your kiddos would like it. 

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