Thursday, January 9, 2014

leather scrap bracelet :: diy

check out my new leather bracelet! aren't i so very "rock-n-roll"?! you can be too!

all you need is:

  1. scrap leather
  2. button
  3. scissors
  4. needle & thread
diy steps:
  1. cut a strip of leather a width you feel comfortable with and 3-5 inches longer than your wrist size
  2. now, wrap the strip around your wrist and cross-over the extra length
  3. mark with a pen where you would like your button to be
  4. sew on button with needle & thread
  5. on the opposite end, cut small slit for button to push through
  6. throw your fist in the air, rock-out and show off your new bracelet!

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