Wednesday, April 2, 2014

chicken details :: macro photography :: farm photography

i finally splurged and bought myself a macro lens. if you remember, i have been simply flipping my 50mm to get the macro effect. i am loving the detail that a real macro lens picks up vs. my previous hack.

the lens arrived on my porch on friday and i immediately went outside to play & practice. being the annoying friends that my chickens are, they greeted me at the back door, ready for their close-up.

aren't they pretty? i mean... they aren't cuddly or cute, but they are pretty. i'm proud of them for surviving the cold winter and you can even notice how it has deteriorated some of them a bit. just after a year, you can see their age. i think it makes them more interesting though... and to be honest, it's easier to tell them apart from each other when they each have a special characteristic.

anyway, be prepared for some more macro photos over the next few weeks. you know i'm going to be obsessing with every little detail (every little detail... get it? eh?). xoxo

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