Thursday, April 17, 2014

{soon-to-be} vertical garden :: diy

i have been wanting to try a vertical garden for over a year now. last week, i finally found myself with the right supplies to give it a try. something to note is that the first picture above is NOT mine. i found it online, so that you can get an idea of where i'm going with this...

here's what i've done so far:

  1. i filled a shallow wood box with spanish moss. this box was actually an unfinished tray in the wood section at the hobby store
  2. i then layered soil on top of the moss and smashed down
  3. using a painted wood frame, with the same "free space" as my tray, i flipped it over and stapled chicken wire along the back. what i mean by "free space" is if you have a 12x12 frame, you will need a 12x12 box.
  4. then i used wood glue to adhere the two together
  5. finally, it was time to plant my succulents!
  6. lastly, i layered moss around the plants to keep the dirt from falling out once the planter is vertical
  7. now, i wait. i think for a couple weeks, hopefully no longer. i have to wait for the roots to establish a grip so that when i hang my planters on the wall the succulents don't fall out.
what do you think? have you tried vertical gardens yet? i've seen them done in pallets, but i can't even imagine how heavy that would be. i'm not sure i have a wall that could hold one. 

i have a few other ideas for some, so we'll see where that takes me. xo

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