Tuesday, May 13, 2014

bunny babies :: personal story

my husband ran over a bunny nest with the lawn mower the other day. fortunately, none of the bunnies were hurt, however, mommy rabbit took off. so... now i'm raising 8 baby bunnies. in my kitchen.

i can't get enough of the cuteness! they are so sweet and snugglie. because their eyes are open and their ears are popped, we are guessing they are about 2 weeks old. this is good because they need to be nursed any younger than that. thankfully, all we really have to feed them is clover and dandelions... both of which we have growing abundantly in our yard.

we will release them in a week or two. i've heard stories of this happening to people and the bunnies stick close to the house after they are released. i'm hoping if i snuggle them enough they will remember me. until then though, i'm enjoying every minute with these little stinkers!

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