Friday, October 21, 2011

house full :: photography

a house collects collections... and then it becomes full.

we are moving this weekend.  a little over three years ago, we moved into our beautiful home and now we are moving out.  we gutted every room in the house and made it our own... but we never had plans to stay.   this was to be a remodel project and now we are on to the next one!

the plan: we are moving into a condo for the next year while we fix up an old farmhouse.   but not just any farmhouse... we are restoring and adding on to the farmhouse that my husband's father was raised in.  this will be our life home.   this will be a special project that i look forward to sharing with you!

the news: one tiny little bit of news you might not love.   i will spend the next week or so unpacking box after box.   i have dreams of organizing and minimizing.  so, i'm taking a small break from blogging, but promise to be back soon with pictures of, well... i'm sure i'll come up with something.

p.s.:  the pictures above are small glimpses into my everyday world.  as i packed each box this past week, i had a little battle going on inside...  one part of me was disgusted with myself for having so. much. stuff.  the other part of me was sad that i will never see these collections... or beautiful, clutterful, life-living memories as they are again.

talk to you soon friends.

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