Sunday, October 30, 2011

colorful pumpkin :: project idea

hello friends! to decorate for halloween in our new place, my family and i carved a couple pumpkins yesterday. we had two big pumkins and lots of small ones.  the original plan was to carve all of them, but the boys lost interest about half-way thru the second jack-o-lantern.  to be honest, i had lost interest too and began brainstorming about how i could decorate the smaller pumpkins.  i have tons and tons of crayons leftover from this project, so i decided to melt some colorful wax on the remaining pumpkins. isn't it beautiful?!  i love it love it love it!

this time, instead of using a hair dryer to melt the wax, i used a lighter and melted each crayon individually. quick & simple!  i initially had planned on covering the entire pumpkin with wax, but i really loved the way the blues & violets looked against the orange of the pumpkin.

happy halloween!

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