Monday, December 12, 2011

orange you glad for coffee? :: personal story

when my son was learning about "knock, knock" jokes, i would always tell him the same one:

knock, knock

...who's there?

orange who?

orange you glad i told you a joke?

after that, he involved the word orange in every joke he told and most of them didn't make any sense at all.  we started using "orange" in normal conversations around my house to help him understand the punchline.

orange you happy you don't have to do chores today?

orange you hungry for breakfast?

then it became this ridiculous inside joke and i started drawing faces on his oranges i would pack for school.  on the back, i will write...  orange you happy i made you lunch?.

i'm convinced that this sort of behavior is normal as long as you have children.  i'm not sure who i'll blame once they're grown.

anyway, this slow monday morning, all i can think about is... orange you glad for coffee?

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