Tuesday, December 13, 2011

snow globes! :: kid project

every birthday and christmas, i encourage the boys to make their gifts for each other. for my youngest, it usually just involves stickers or finger paints, but now that "the monster" is getting older, he can be really creative in his offerings. this year, we walked thru the craft store and i asked him to think about what "bump" likes to play with.

balls & animals.

when we found the shatter-proof plastic snow globe kits we were both thrilled with the possibilities.  plus, so easy!  just water & glitter, right?  "the monster" picked out a couple small animals from the hobby section of the store (usually by the trains and models).  i checked with the helper-bee at the store to verify that super glue was waterproof and we we're off.

flash forward to one disappointed boy when we found out that super glue is in fact, NOT waterproof.  i also realized after opening the snow globe kit that we would need a couple drops of glycerin to add to each gift.  the glycerin thickens the water so that the glitter/snow/etc fall a little slower.

thankfully, there is a walgreens on the corner.  we headed out for e-600 glue (which really is waterproof) and some glycerin (which my elders promise will be available).  the helper-bee at walgreens was dumbfounded at just where glycerin would be.  we checked the soap, makeup, and pharmacy aisle.  as we're following him thru the store, he mentions that people used to ingest glycerin when they became constipated.  sure enough...  right there on the shelf with the laxative selection is liquid glycerin.

sign of relief. 

as we checked out, i felt the urge to justify why we're buying the glycerin.

umm... this is for a craft.  i'm not constipated.

so.  if you're thinking of making snow globes this year, here are the actual supplies you will need:

  • jar or plastic snow globe kit
  • glitter
  • object for display inside globe
  • water
  • glycerin (found in laxative section of drug store)
  • e-600 waterproof glue

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