Monday, January 2, 2012

the blog & me :: personal story

a couple years ago, when i started this blog, the main goal was to improve my photography skills.  i felt that if i photographed things that were out of my element i would grow...  and i have.  in the past two years, i have taken pictures of friends, family, buildings, nature, food, crafts and much more.  along the way, i have created many diy tutorials & inspired a few project ideas.  this has been an amazing outlet that i have truly enjoyed. 

this year i plan to continue to push the diversity of my photography and design skills.  i  have already compiled a list of must-photograph items for the year.  i want to grow in my marketing skills as well in hopes to spread the word about my art.  this year, there will be contests, coupons and more.  i am asking that you help me by providing ideas and/or suggestions on how i can improve. 

so, here's to another year behind my camera and, of course, with you.  i look forward to your comments (please comment!), and perhaps inspiring you a bit.  happy new year friends!

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