Tuesday, January 3, 2012

vintage suitcase :: project idea

have i ever showed you the vintage suitcase that my cousin worked her magic with?   i found the suitcase on the spoon river drive.  it was certainly rough around the edges, but the interior is a lovely eggplant purple in excellent condition.  then, my sparkly cousin modge podged old book papers to cover the stained and worn exterior.  isn't it beautiful?   i sat it on the gift table to collect cards at my wedding.   now, it stores the boys' dress up costumes.  it's really too heavy to use as an actual suitcase, unless i would be traveling from door to car then car to door.   i think i need a few more so i can stack them up and use as an end table.

any other ideas on how i can display this beauty?


  1. Very cool. You could just get a suitcase stand and use it as an end table by itself.