Tuesday, July 17, 2012

farm to fork dinner :: nature photography

my 'sparkly cousin' and i attended a farm to fork dinner a couple weeks ago at jubilee farm.  the land was beautiful and despite the 100 degree temperature, the meal was incredible too.  we first took a tour of the farm then sat at a long table under a tent for an inventive & delicious 5-course dinner.  i hope to do this type of event again soon... have you ever been?  there are so many lovely farms in the midwest and many of them offer such dinners.

p.s.  we enjoyed a tasting sample from the refreshing rolling meadows brewery before and during dinner.  amazing!

p.s.s.  still drowning in boxes here in the farmhouse.  i love our new home, but we live a much bigger lifestyle than my husband's elders did a century ago.  pictures coming soon.  xoxo

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