Monday, July 23, 2012

home :: farm photography :: family photography

we are home and settling in.  living here seems very natural and the boys absolutely love it.  i have to bathe them at least twice a day because they are always covered in dirt from playing outside!

fun facts about our new {old} home:

  • the house was built in 1938 for my husband's grandfather and family on their farm.
  • the name of the farm was, and still is, 'maple hill' because of a giant maple tree growing in the middle of the corn field on the hill.  the tree is still here.
  • my husband remembers, as a boy, there was a high gloss red ceiling in the kitchen so we restored that design!
  • all of the light fixtures thru-out the home are original...  can you believe that?!
p.s.  if you are wondering where 'the monster' is in all of the above pictures, he is still on 'city' time :: sleep all day, stay up all night ::  xoxo

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  1. Looks great Cassie! Can't wait to see more.