Friday, August 3, 2012

objects found :: photography

for a wedding gift, a distant family friend gave us one of those signs that spells out 'ostermeier' with items you would find on the street or in nature.  in a previous post, you can faintly see the original black/white version at the top of our gallery wall in the dining room.

anyway, although this was a very thoughtful and kind gift, i've never loved these. at first, i think i liked the idea of these designs, but then i saw them everywhere.  then i just grew annoyed by them.  but, i had the frame, so i decided to make my own version.  and instead of using just any old objects to spell out our name, i found items around the farm.  some of the letters are from old trucks or tractors, which gave the compilation a more vintage and rustic feel.  i love that i can look at each letter and know that it was found in my backyard!

i also thought about printing one big sign that is more vertical (see below) for family gifts.  maybe blow up to a 11 x 14 and frame?!

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