Thursday, November 8, 2012

multi-color trees :: diy

i know.  i know.  thanksgiving comes before christmas.   and i am usually an adamant believer that you don't pull out the christmas crafts & decorations until after that yummy thursday in november.   but!   now that i have a little shop, i have to sparkle a few holiday items thru-out the shop starting... now.

so.  i thought, just in case you are feeling a little holiday spirit too, you might be interested in just how i made these lovely trees.

i began in the dollhouse aisle at the hobby shop.  these are those little winter trees that are a dark green with fake snow glued to them.  i bought a couple packages of different sizes.  after i got home, i filled a bowl with bleach and then quickly dipped a few in.  then i quickly rinsed them off.  the color changes fast, and if you leave in the bleach too long, the color will be yellow.  i personally love the light green myself.

for the purple tree, i used, believe it or not, leftover hair spray color from halloween.  i think spray paint might work too.

splash with some glitter and you've got yourself a unique little decoration!

right now they are my favorite holiday item in the shop!  xoxo

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