Friday, November 9, 2012

at home :: night photography

when i was in high school, a couple hours after dinner each night, i went for a run.  we lived in a neighborhood growing up.  there was many many wonderful things about this in the summer (fireflies over the field, children playing, the smell of a grill), but really my favorite time of year for a late evening run was autumn.  and right after the time changed.

i loved the dark.  i still do.  i love it because after sunset, homes glow.  they glow... and make me glow.  as i ran past each home with the lights lit up bright i could see families inside sitting down for dinner, or playing a game, or watching tv or doing whatever families do... well, it made/makes me warm and happy.

the other evening i was sitting out on our deck and my husband had built a fire.  the memory of these neighborhood runs came flooding back and i snuck to get my camera.  the boys had already gone to bed so the house was inactive, but it still made me glow a bit just knowing that this is my beautiful home that our family occupies.

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