Tuesday, November 13, 2012

weighing options :: decay photography

this is the house my husband's grandfather grew up in.  it is next door to our home - although acres away.  a family friend of my in-laws lived in the house for 25 years and just recently passed from cancer.  i never met him... he was bed-ridden and we gave him his peace to die comfortably.

since then, the house has been [mostly] cleared of this friend's belongings and now my father-in-law is weighing the decision of demolition.  it was his father's childhood home... yet, as you can see from the photographs, it is not in good shape.

it's a beautiful home really.  but i love old farmhouses with charm... even if the charm is falling off the walls.  i have always been an advocate for restoration, especially when it comes to preserving a bit of history.  and most especially when it is family history.

the question is... what would we do with this house if we restored it to glory?  with the lack of this answer, ambition is lost.  i suppose i'll keep you updated... until then, i'll enjoy the ruins.  xoxo

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