Friday, November 23, 2012

star falling advent calendar :: diy :: holiday decor

there are so many beautiful advent calendars, but this one is my favorite.  originally i had planned to sew the paper stars, but in the end decided to use washi tape to add a bit of color.  i am happy with the results!  in each star, i hid starburst or skittles and then on the 25th i wrapped up a bracelet.  can you imagine being a little girl and have this hung on the wall in your bedroom?!

here's the diy:

  1. supplies needed: brown lunch bags, washi tape, white chalk marker, clothespins and branch (preferably an evergreen type)
  2. cut 50 stars out of 25 lunch bags... cut thru the bag so that you have the exact same shape for a pair
  3. i used a white chalk marker to write the numbers, but any color can be used.  i just preferred this because the white was a lovely contrast against the brown paper.
  4. using the washi tape along the edges, secure each star together after hiding a treat inside
  5. clip to branch using clothespins.  these could be decorated too!
enjoy!  xoxo

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