Wednesday, December 12, 2012

easy wall decor :: diy :: painting inspiration

today, i thought i'd share some painting inspiration.   the wonderful thing about abstract art is that anyone can create it.  all you need is a canvas, brushes and your favorite colors in paint...

  1. first, brush the colors onto the canvas.  blend if you'd like.
  2. using painters tape, create a pattern or design
  3. i choose to paint over everything with white.  use any color you'd like though!
  4. when i peeled up the tape, the edges weren't very sharp.  this always happens to me.  i'm doing something wrong... just not sure what.
  5. anyway, i covered the messy edges with gold paint and then incorporated gold accents to finish the piece.
fun right?!  nothing better than easy art.  xoxo

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