Thursday, December 13, 2012

muddy farm boys :: family photography

last weekend, i was fishing around the farm for some old barn wood (camera in tow of course) and the boys followed me... until they didn't.  the muddy field was too much to pass up.  as they slopped around like pigs, i took pictures and at one point little "bump" got stuck.  he whined until i went in after him.  as i carried him out, he grabbed my camera and left a messy muddy handprint on it.  i was irritated and upset about the mud that was slowly making its way into the crevasses of the buttons and i put him down in the safe grass and went inside to clean-up.

a little while later, they came knocking at the back door (naked as can be) and ready for a shower.  "the monster" was just giddy and as he washed up he exclaimed how i should have come in the mud.


well, no, actually i probably wouldn't have.  but i would have loved the shocked looks on my boys' faces as i threw big handfuls of filth at them.  and i would have loved the memory of it... and their recollection of the memory as the years go on.

so.  next time.  next time, i will play in the mud.  or jump in the freezing cold pool.  or splash in the puddle with my heels on.  or let them bury me in the sand (even though i'm terrified of what's in there with me).  next time i will remember what it's like to be a kid again and how fun it is to be silly and messy and rotten.

i mean, geez, when did i get so old?

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