Friday, April 12, 2013

bokeh canvas :: diy

a friend of mine's sweet little sister is having a baby!  she chose a bokeh design for her shower invitations and so her big sisters are following that theme through for the shower decor.  think big round balloons, circular shaped fruit, cake pops.. etc.  fun, right?

anyway, i thought these would make a great addition for the shower decor and then as a gift for the babies new room.  double duty and handmade... can it get any better?  i think not.  see below for the diy to create something similar...

 - you'll need:

  • assorted tissue paper,
  • canvas(es)
  • circular objects of different sizes
  • scissors
  • modge podge & paint brush for applying
  • a bit of glitter (optional)
 - the diy
  1. trace circles of varying sizes onto your tissue paper and cut out.  
  2. glue onto canvas.  be sure to overlap the circles to achieve interesting color depth
  3. splash with glitter

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