Thursday, April 11, 2013

shed to coop :: personal story

we have begun the first phases of building our chicken coop!  last weekend, we cleaned out the old shed that will be their nesting area.  we still need to build their cubbies & secure some of the open slits for their safety and warmth, however, after that all is needed is a little fencing.

the chicken littles are starting to look a bit like awkward teenage chickens.  their legs are long but their bodies are still small.  colored feathers are starting to appear and they are quite frankly, getting frustrated with their home in the basement.  they take turns standing on the water & feed bottles and peering out onto our laundry piles.  i imagine they dream of flying...

a big thanks to my brother who helped clean out the shed.  it was a dirty job, but i enjoyed finding all sorts of treasures!  xoxo

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  1. Is it too late to make this into our wine retreat?