Wednesday, April 10, 2013

sandwich bag photography :: diy photography :: central illinois photography

do you admire the ethereal feeling some fine art photographs have?  well, i'm going to share a little secret with you today!  you don't need photoshop or any other fancy photo editing software to achieve this affect.  instead, simply wrap a plastic sandwich bag around your lens.  if you are really feeling creative, you can even color the bag a bit with marker to add a bit of foggy color to your photographs.


  1. save your sandwich bag from lunch
  2. cut hole slightly smaller than the diameter of your lens into bag
  3. color with marker (optional & messy)
  4. slide onto lens so that hole is centered(ish) and you can view your subject
  5. snap away (it might be easier to use manual focus)
if you give this a try, i would love to see your results!  share on cp :: photography's facebook page!

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