Tuesday, May 21, 2013

trail of glitter :: nature photography :: personal story

"the monster" has lost his two front teeth.  he looks fantastically ridiculous.  i once read somewhere about how the 'tooth fairy' leaves a trail of glitter out of the room after her midnight visit.  i actually tried this when he lost his bottom teeth, but the messy boy didn't even notice shiny glitter adorning his clothes, books and hot wheel cars spread across the floor of his room.

this time, i sprinkled the glitter through-out our yard.  knowing that he always checks the frog house each morning, i started there.  then left a golden trail that ended at our property line.  i thought this to be genius.

"the monster" played along and seemed mildly interested, but was really more excited about heading off to the bus to tell his friends about the few dollars this glittery fairy left him.

o well... i think sometimes being the parent is more fun anyway.  sometimes...

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