Friday, May 17, 2013

easy gallery wall :: diy photo display

i believe, every home needs a gallery wall of family photos.  especially when you are a grandma.  children grow and change and although you want some older photographs displayed to remember the good times, it's also nice to display how great those kiddos are turning out.  the trouble is, it's a pain, usually, to swap out photos in traditional frames.

i recently created this gallery wall for my mother, going up her stairway.  i created frames that my mom can easily swap out the photos over the years.  i used this method and, to mix things up a bit, i transformed old clipboards into frames.  when hung horizontally, and by adding a bit of ribbon or rope, this idea is practical and pretty!  (and, ehm, cheap)

p.s.  that's my sister-in-law in the photo above.  isn't she beautiful?

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