Thursday, July 18, 2013

i started thinking... :: personal story

i've been kind of un-motivated lately concerning this blog.  i'm sorry.  after almost 900 posts, i feel that i sometimes post the same thing over and over.  then... i started thinking...

how can i renew my love here?  well.  i'll tell you.  i have a plan.

you see, my art studio (in the back of the shop where i work) is a complete mess.  aaaallllllways.  i start a project, stop in the middle, leaving all supplies exactly where they are and move on.  i do that maybe 20 times a week.  because of this terrible habit, and my equally terrible memory, i find myself forgetting what supplies i even have back there.  i buy things when i already have them.  i'm the worst.  soooo......

i'm going to clean out my studio.  and because i hate cleaning, i'm going to slowly, take a random supply, do a random search on pinterest and make something with it.  don't you think this will be fun?!  i'm excited about the complete chance of it all.  so!  i'm going to call this little cleaning/crafting project the 'cleaning/crafting' project - did you see that coming?

i will share these posts on here and i think it will bring back some joy here!  i will link to the original pin so you can see the modifications i make vs. the pinterest version.

what do you think?  will you follow along and help me clean up my studio?!  xoxo

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