Wednesday, August 28, 2013

t-shirt redo :: diy fashion

this t-shirt re-do took me 5 minutes.  how awesome is that?  i love peek-a-book shoulders... i think it's a classy way to show some skin.  i also love feeling comfortable and sexy, which it seems, most of the time, is an oxymoron.  but! here you have it:

cotton shirt + scissors + a little creativity = comfortable + sexy

if you can't tell by the pictures, i used the cut-out portion of the fabric to tie around the bottom of the sleeve. this shapes up to a cute bow (which are fashionably in right now).  whoot!

p.s.  thanks to my beautiful friend jammie for modeling.  she's the most photogenic person i know... i've never seen a bad photo of her.  envy!


  1. Thank you!!!! Love this...... Awesome idea!!!! ☺️

  2. Fantastic tip, has transformed a very boring t-shirt into something more fabulous.

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