Friday, October 11, 2013

gathering our harvest :: personal story

remember the pumpkin bridge? the boy's creative paint job has been done for a while now, and we've just been waiting on our pumpkins to grow! hubby was out in the yard last week and mentioned at dinner that night he thought they were ready to pick. so, the very next morning, the boys took the wagon down and gathered our harvest!

we actually planted 3 different types of pumpkins, but only one type (pictured above) was ready. although we followed the directions on the seed packets, i think we planted the other two types too late. they look like they won't be done growing until early november, and that's if we don't get a frost first that kills them. live & learn i guess!

i am happy with our simple orange carving variety anyway! all in all, we picked 16 pumpkins. we have given a few away and our steps are still full of them.

happy autumn friends. xoxo

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