Thursday, October 10, 2013

sailor knot headband :: diy

i cleaned out our bedroom drawers the other day, and as always, i had an over-abundance of t-shirts. worn cotton is great to work with because it's stretchy and curls up when you stretch it. so, party people, here's your motivation to finally get to that spring cleaning (a season or two late) and maybe end up with a few "new" items:

here's the diy:

  1. cut 6 fabric strips (about 1 inch wide) from your t-shirt(s)
  2. stretch each strip so that they thin out and curl a bit
  3. group them in 2 sets of three
  4. knot. i know my pictures aren't super easy to understand, so here's another tutorial on them.
  5. fit to head and cut access length of strips
  6. grab your t-shirt again and now cut a 4 inch x 6 each rectangle. this does not need to be exact. not even close really.
  7. hot glue the ends together, forming a circle. then hot glue your rectangle, wrapping it around your formerly loose ends to hide them
all in all, this took about 10 minutes. pretty great right? i'm in love with sailor knots right now so wearing one in the smack center of my forehead seems about right. xoxo

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