Tuesday, February 25, 2014

beer cake :: diy

last week, hubby celebrated his 33rd birthday. now, if you know my husband, you know his pure love for natural light beer (in a can and sometimes even at room temperature). he's weird.

but, you know, i love that weirdness, so i made him a birthday (beer) cake! when posted the picture on facebook, i received such a reaction, i thought i should share how i did it on here:

  1. you'll need a 30-pack of cans, cardboard cake circles, ribbon, clothespins and candles
  2. you can buy your cake circles in different sizes or cut them down. i used an exacto knife to cut mine. make sure you have a small, medium and large size
  3. begin layering the cans so that they fill out each circle. be sure to put some in the middle for support as you stack them
  4. wrap ribbon around each layer for a little decoration
  5. use clothespins to prop up each candle at the top.
and that's it. so easy. and to be honest, even my kids thought i was cool (which i'm not so sure is a good thing) but hey. at least they know i love their dad. xoxo

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