Wednesday, February 26, 2014

vintage bottle chandy :: diy

i collect vintage glass. what's funny is that it's not at all intentional. i just pick them up here or there because i love the color or size or shape. it wasn't until i had 3 shelves full of glass bottles & vases that i realized i'm a serious collector. i seem to always find fun uses for them and today i am sharing one!

this chandy was really pretty simple to create. i used wire to secure the bottles to a large ring. then i strong more wire (4 pieces) to attach a top tier (smaller metal ring). this gave it a layered look. lastly, i adhered each connection with hot glue so that they wouldn't slide and cause unbalance.

this would look amazing on a sun porch. or above a bed! i have flowers of the fake variety stuck in there now, but i'm really looking forward to spring when can fill this baby up with some water and fresh blooms!

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