Friday, October 25, 2013

painted shades :: diy

i've been slowly redoing the window coverings in our home. after completing the kitchen and our bedroom, i have moved onto the boys' attic room. this time, i painted directly on the old plastic pull-downs and i think it turned out really well!

i chose to use martha stewart's line of acrylic paint because i was fearful that the paint may chip and peel off over time if i used an off brand. i have no actual basis for this except that sometimes the combo of a dryer acrylic won't stick well to smooth services. the martha stewart worked amazing and since painting these, we have rolled and unrolled the shades with no problems!

this technique can also be used on linen or canvas fabric shades to add a little interest.

have a good weekend friends! if you decide to try something similar i would love to hear about it! xoxo

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